Ordering your steak “rare” to “medium” will result in your beef being more tender and flavoursome than a “well done” steak. Cut through the middle of your steak to see whether it has been grilled to your satisfaction. Eat the steak from the middle, and you will be eating the best part first.


Smukfest Menu 2019

Marinated Salmon
With mustard dressing and sourdough bread.
Kr. 95,-

Steak & Salad Bar
Sirloin steak (approx. 250 g).
With a baked potato and seasoned butter.
Free salad bar
Kr. 315,-

Vanilla Panna Cotta
With rhubarb and nut croquant.
Kr. 65,-

All 3 courses: Kr. 425,-


Prices in Danish Kroner. All prices include VAT and service.
Prices are subject to alterations and misprints.