Ordering your steak “rare” to “medium” will result in your beef being more tender and flavoursome than a “well done” steak. Cut through the middle of your steak to see whether it has been grilled to your satisfaction. Eat the steak from the middle, and you will be eating the best part first.


Steak Bearnaise      215,-     / €31
Sirloin steak, approx. 200 g.
Served with bread, sauce béarnaise and 1 side dish
of you choice - please see the steak card

Pepper Steak        215,-     / €31
Sirloin steak, approx. 200 g.
Served with bread, pepper sauce and 1 side dish
of you choice - please see the steak card

Marinated salmon 155 kr.
Avocado Salad (Vegetarian) 125 kr.
Scampi Fritti 155 kr.
Oysters 39 kr.
Beefstouw Tartare 155 kr.
Lobster Soup 155 kr.

#10A, ca. 140g     325 /€46
#10B, ca. 200g     450 /€64
#10D, ca. 400g     835 /€119

#12A, ca. 275g     375 /€54
#12D, ca. 500g     650 /€93

#13A, ca. 500g     495 /€71

#18B, ca. 400 g, 585 kr.

#14A, ca. 200g     225 /€32

#30A, ca. 300g     335 /€48

#15A, 310 /€44

 #11B,  250 /€36

Vegetables and side dishes to share at your table
At A Hereford Beefstouw, the side dishes play an essential role in you meal. Therefore, we set the table with tasty seasonal sides - everything is included in the price of your main course. Except the sauce.

All main courses are served with:
Seasonal vegetable dish
A salad
Seasonal potato dish
French fries

All Sides dishes served as a main course  175 /€25

Sauce (Bearnaise or Pepper Sauce)  35 /€5

Variation of chocolate and passion fruit  kr. 95
Pie of the season  kr. 95
Liquorice Crème Brûlée  kr. 95


Coffee (Americano) - kr. 35
Espresso - kr. 35
Cappuccino / Kaffe Latte - kr. 45
Tea - kr. 35
Irish Coffee, 3 cl - kr. 95
Irish Coffee, 6 cl - kr. 145

Sirloin Steak - kr. 89 /€13
With French fries.
Ground Steak - kr. 74 / €11
With French fries.

Grilled Chicken Breast - kr. 79 / €11
With French fries and remoulade.

Two Sausages with French fries, ketchup and remoulade - kr. 45 /€6

Hot Corn on the Cob with cold butter - kr. 39 /€6

Vanilla Ice Cream with hot chocolate sauce - kr. 32 /€5

(For children under 12 years old.)

Prices in Danish Kroner. All prices include VAT and service.
Prices are subject to alterations and misprints.