Local Menus Skovshoved Hotel


6 Escargots     90 / €13
With garlic and parsley

Seared foie gras     155 / €22
With cherry glace and berries

Mushrooms à la Crème    139 / €20
On toast.


Pan Fried Hake    225 / €32
And risotto with mushrooms of the season topped with herbs.

Risotto    159 / €23
With mushrooms of the season topped with a herb salad tossed in oil

Blue Mussels steamed in white wine    159 / €23
Served with French fries



A Whole Sirloin Roast - Approx. 1 kg. Carved at your table.

Served with Potatoes of the Season. French fries. Hereford Sauce Bearnaise or Pepper Sauce. Bread.

Total Price: 595 kr.

We recommend pre-ordering, as the cooking time is approx. 45 mins. The offer is valid every Sunday.