Ordering your steak “rare” to “medium” will result in your beef being more tender and flavoursome than a “well done” steak. Cut through the middle of your steak to see whether it has been grilled to your satisfaction. Eat the steak from the middle, and you will be eating the best part first.


Saturday & Sunday 10.30am - 2pm

  • Skyr with crisp nuts and honey
  • Mrs. Damgaard’s Pickled Salmon with mustard dressing and lemon
  • A poached egg with bacon and chives
  • Nürnberg Bratwurst with mild mustard
  • Warm ”pizza” fresh tomato and pesto
  • Danish, Organic Cheese - ”Midsommer”
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Croissant, house sourdough bread, rye bread, warm chocolate sauce, and butter
  • Coffee, tea, and juice

169 kr. pr. person.

Advance booking only. Minimum 10 people.


Lunch Menu - served every day
1-hour guarantee on business lunch orders

With cumin bread and home-made mustard dressing. 

Teres Major, approx. 140 g served with French fries, seasoned butter and bread.

Price per person kr. 175,-
1-hour guarantee on business lunch orders.

Ground, grilled beef, mustard mayo, tomatoes, red onion and pickled cucumber.
Topped with cheddar and served with fries.

Juicy slices of veal. Crisp lettuce, creamy pickles, onion compote and cheese. Served with fries.

FISH & CHIPS    Kr. 99 / €14
With tartare sauce and pea purée. Served with fries.

SPARE RIBS    Kr. 99 / €14
Approx. 300 g. With coleslaw and fries.

GRILLED SKEWER    Kr. 99 / €14
With beef and vegetables. Served with fries.

LUNCH STEAK    Kr. 99 / €14
Sirloin steak, approx. 150 g.
Served with fries.

AS A main COURSE    Kr. 99 / €14

Salad bar
AS A SIDE DISH    Kr. 45 / €6


Starter of the Season

From 1st September

Langoustine Soup with crisp scampi roll 139 kr.

Marinated Salmon

The marinated salmon is an A Hereford Beefstouw tradition and made from our family recipe from 1971.
Served with cumin bread and mustard dressing, it’s a ‘must try’.

Marinated Salmon 125 kr.

Scampi Fritti

Play it safe and choose the crispy flavour of deep-fried scampi.
We serve this all time favourite with our tasty Madagascan peppercorn dressing.

Scampi Fritti 125 kr.

Löjrom with Blinis

‘Löjrom’ is the roe from the fish ‘siklöj’. It’s so delicious that we adopted this speciality from our Swedish neighbours. It’s served with blinis, crème fraîche, red onions and lemon.

Löjrom with Blinis 155 kr.

Danish Oysters

Oysters from the Danish fjord, ’Limfjorden’, are a rare treat. Enjoy the meatiness and nutty flavour with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Danish Oysters Price per oyster 45 kr.


Cecina (cured and dried beef) with romesco sauce, salted almonds and Manchego cheese.

Cecina 125 kr.

Meals to Share

Please allow a certain preparation time for the shared meals. Please ask your waiter, if you are in a hurry.

Whole Fillet for 2

If you are two people dining together, we suggest sharing a whole fillet steak from the head of the tenderloin. We carve it for you, when served.

Whole Fillet for 2 (10 D) ca. 400 g 690 kr.

Whole Sirloin for 2

If you are two people dining together, we suggest sharing a whole ribeye steak. We carve it for you, when served.

Whole Sirloin for 2 (12 D) ca. 500 g 580 kr.

Whole Porterhouse for 2

Sirloin steak on one side of the bone and filet steak on the other.

Whole Porterhouse for 2 (13 D) ca. 1000 g 840 kr.

Grass Fed

Due to the grass feeding, the beef is darker with a lean and juicy taste. Go green and enjoy the great taste of beef.


Experience the tenderness of this popular cut - we promise you won’t regret it.

Fillet (10 A) ca. 140 g 285 kr.
Fillet (10 B) ca. 200 g 360 kr.

Grilled Skewer

Pieces of grilled fillet.

Grilled Skewer (16 A) ca. 160 g 215 kr.


If you are hungry for a steak that is tender and rich in flavour, this would be an excellent choice.

Sirloin (12 A) ca. 250 g 315 kr.
Sirloin (12 B) ca. 400 g 425 kr.


Due to heavy marbling and grass feeding, this Ribeye is darker with a lean and juicy taste.

Ribeye (18A) ca. 300 g 345 kr.

Finnish Beef

T-Bone Steak

If you can’t decide, have a T-bone. It’s a sirloin steak on one side of the bone and a filet steak on the other – the best of both worlds in one serving.

T-Bone Steak (13F) ca. 500 g 425 kr.

Dry Aged Beef

If you want to try a new kind of meat, we offer you a unique taste experience. The breeding of the cattle and the dry ageing of the meat (for a minimum of 40 days), results in an intense flavour of beef with a firmness and sweetness that is unique to this kind of meat. Beef like in the old days. The meat is 100 per cent natural and therefore the obvious choice for you if you appreciate flavour, quality, animal welfare and the environment.

*) All dry-aged steaks are subject to availability.

Sirloin - Dry Aged Beef

If you are hungry for a steak that is tender and rich in flavour, this would be an excellent choice.


Sirloin (12 F) ca. 250 g 345 kr.

Ribeye - Dry Aged Beef

This ribeye is dry aged, which enhances the quality and taste of beef. The intensity of the flavour will be one to remember.


Ribeye (18F) ca. 250 g 395 kr.

Rack of Lamb

If you like lamb, you should order a Rack of Lamb. The Danish lamb is grilled and served on the bone to enhance the flavour.

Rack of Lamb (30A) ca. 300 g 325 kr.

Ground Steak

A real Danish classic. Combined with our crispy onion rings, this steak is pure comfort.


Ground Steak (14A) ca. 200 g 175 kr.

Vegetable Steak

Vegetarian patty of mushrooms, linseeds and herbs. Served with pickled beets and horseradish.

Vegetable Steak (11G) ca. 180 g 185 kr.

Chicken Breast

Grilled chicken breast served with aged parmesan cheese.

Chicken Breast (11B) ca. 200 g 195 kr.


A fish that even meat lovers will enjoy. The flesh is white and firm with a delicate flavour.

Turbot (15A) 295 kr.

Fresh Lobster from Tank

Freshly grilled upon order. Served with lemon.

1/2 Grilled Lobster 250 kr.
1/1 Grilled Lobster 490 kr.


The prices of all main courses are inclusive of your choice of potato and seasoned butter.

French Fries

Crisp, double fried French fries.

Potatoes Of The Season

From 1st September
Pommes Anna - layered potatoes cooked with herbs.

Salad Bar

Create a fresh salad by your own choosing as a side dish or as a main course.

Together with a main course 75 kr.
As a main course 160 kr.

Foie Gras

Add a slice of seared foie gras with truffle oil to your steak.

Foie Gras 99 kr.

Surf & Turf

Add 1/2 or a whole grilled rock lobster tail to your steak.

20A - 1/2 Rock Lobster Tail 125 kr.
20B - 1/1 Rock Lobster Tail 250 kr.


Pepper Sauce Pr. person 35 kr.
Hereford Béarnaise Pr. person 35 kr.

A Hereford Special

Cocktail of vanilla ice cream, rum raisins, ginger, espresso and Caloric Punch.

A Hereford Special 90 kr.

Selection of ice cream and sorbet

Gourmet ice cream from Kastberg. Please ask your waiter.

Selection of ice cream and sorbet 90 kr.

Crème Brûlée

With vanilla.

Crème Brûlée 90 kr.

Dessert of the Season

Dessert of the season 90 kr.

Marzipan Ring Cake

Marzipan Ring Cake 35 kr.


Americano, Espresso 30 kr.
Cappuccino, Kaffe Latte 40 kr.
Te 30 kr.

Irish Coffee

3 cl Whiskey 85 kr.
6 cl Whiskey 130 kr.

Sirloin Steak - kr. 89 /€13
With French fries or a potaotes of the season & free Salad Bar.
Ground Steak - kr. 74 / €11
With French fries or potatoes of the season & free Salad Bar.

Grilled Chicken Breast - kr. 79 / €11
With French fries and remoulade & free Salad Bar.

Two Sausages with French fries, ketchup and remoulade - kr. 45 /€6

Hot Corn on the Cob with cold butter - kr. 39 /€6

Vanilla Ice Cream with hot chocolate sauce - kr. 32 /€5

Prices in Danish Kroner. All prices include VAT and service.
Prices are subject to alterations and misprints.

Commercial cards, issued within or outside of EU/EØS and private cards issued outside EU/EØS will be surcharged with a fee, which will be shown on your receipt. The fee rate may vary depending on the type of card and the country of origin.